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Hi, I am Nourhan. I’m a qualified nutritionist who believes that Food is one language we all share and enjoy. I am passionate about helping women and families achieve their own balance of health and a nourished body.


I can't wait to help you to see how nutrition can be powerful in nourishing your body and flourishing your health.


Reg. number: 20846

How can I help?

My mission in Nourtritionist is to help you understand how to use nutrition and build up your eating routines to empower you and your family to achieve your own balance of health and nourished body without restrictions. ​

Ready to work together?

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Your Nutrition Hour

 Losing weight and making positive changes to your diet?  Increasing your energy level or seeking a specific nutritional advice? 

Understanding the root cause of your symptoms?  Losing weight, balancing your hormones, feeling more energetic or boosting your fertility?

 Supporting your family's health and help your children building up a healthy weight & lifestyle?  Having fun while learning how to provide a balance meals to fit your family dynamic?

Do you need help with?

Book your free Nutrition conult!

It's been overwhelming to decide what shall be the next step? Why not schedule a free call to get more clarity on how I can help you achieve your health goals.

Kind words from happy clients

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After my consultations with Nourhan, I was really excited to make my meals a reason to have fun in the kitchen with the certainty that it will help me lose weight! I loved all her suggestions!


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