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PCOS & Hormonal balance programme

Your Investment

£ 310 for 2 Months programme


£450 for 4 Months programme

*We can offer Installments payment
We offer a minimum of 2 months commitment long. We believe that there is no such quick fix when it comes to achieving healthier lifestyle changes that last long. 

8-week personalised coaching & nutrition programmme

the deserved hormonal care, regaining energy, PCOS care, and losing weight without restrictions.

A programme tailored to you to achieve:

 Women’s health is still underrepresented in research and in healthcare settings. I am here to share evidence-based and compassionate nutrition support with women experiencing hormonal symptoms. I aim to help you shift your feeling from being overwhelmed with PCOS diagnosis, and hormonal imbalance to empowered and confident on how to manage the PCOS symptoms and improve fertility by supporting you to make healthier and practical nutrition choices.

How can Nourhan help with PCOS?

Commit to 8 weeks and track your positive goal progress 

Nourhan's women's health program is designed to empower you by actionable plans and evidence-based information that would help you feel positive about managing PCOS symptoms and regain your hormone balance. I will support you with experience and compassion using:

Holistic approach
Personalised consultations
Learning resurces
Support & accountability

Together we’ll work through the main three approaches to managing PCOS and improving fertility. My program is designed to support you with gentle nutrition, stress management, and sleep hygiene.

Go ahead and book your free 15 mins nutrition call,  I can’t wait to work with you!

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