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Meet Nourhan

Marhaba / Hello! 

I am a registered associate nutritionist (ANtur), specialising in weight management, women's health and family nutrition. I am trained as a Nutritionist and have obtained my MSc in Public Health Nutrition from London Metropolitan University. Since then, I have been working in the UK National Weight Management programme across different communities in the UK supporting individuals and families to achieve their weight and health goals. 

My passion for nutrition comes back from working as a hospital pharmacist in the Middle East. No doubt that medical treatment is essential, but I am incredibly passionate about how powerful nutrition can be to our health; from preventing many medical conditions to managing others.

My mission is to support you make simple changes and build up SMART and enjoyable eating habits to nourish your unique body, flourish your health, and achieve your hormone balance.

Nourhan's qualifications:

  • Registered Nutritionist (ANtur) with the AFN - is the only regulatory body and register of qualified nutritionists recognised by Public Health England and the NHS.

  • MSc in Human and Public Health Nutrition – London Metropolitan University (London)

  • Registered Pharmacist in the Middle East (Egypt)

  • BSc in Clinical Pharmacy – University of Suez Canal 2014 (Egypt)

Work experience:

  • Public Health Nutritionist @BETTER-Barent

  • Health coach Nutritionist @ Liva Healthcare

  • Senior Healthy Lifestyle Specialist @Active Luton

  • Health Adviser @Bupa

  • Hospital pharmacist in Egypt


I provide my consultation services online in English and Arabic.

Why we are different?

Working with Nourtritionist, we focus on your goals, your motivations, and your challenges. We aim to support you with evidence-based Nutrition and Healthy lifestyle advice- that is not restrictive to empower you to find your sense of balance within your lifestyle to achieve and maintain your weight and health goals. 

Step 1

Book your free Nutrition assessmentent call.

Step 2

If we are happy and we are a good fit to work together, we will get your initial consultation booked.

Step 3

You shall then receive pre-consultation health form to complete before your initial consultation.

Step 4

You will recieve the consultation link and I will be looking foward to welcome you on your journey for a healthier lifestyle.

The free call is a good chance to talk about your concerns/goals and expectations from my nutrition programmes. To learn more about my approach and I can guide you further to choose the best service/program for you.

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