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Nourished Family 

6 weeks of ongoing support

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Your Investment
£ 280 per family

£80 (Group programme)
 We can offer Installments payment
Between 45-60 mins per sconsultation

Nourished Family 

Family nutrition programme

Nutrition plays a significant role in a family's foundation of health. For our children, a nutritious diet with the right portion sizes ensures proper growth and development.  Building healthy lifestyle habits from a small age gives the advantage of having a healthy body and mind while growing older and protect them from developing any health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and other health conditions.

Our programme is designed to offer you an informed and bespoke nutrition guide to support your children’s health and nutritional status, fun activities to motivate your children to adopt healthier eating habits, easy tips for healthy and budget-friendly grocery shopping, realistic ways to improve overall health and wellbeing of your family, accountability and ongoing support

What we promise:

Together we’ll work through a four-step process to get the best guided support you’re looking for and help your family making simple and positive changes to significantly improve their health.

Step 1: A thourough family nutrition history

Because every family is unique and every age stage is special, each family will get a 1hr session so I can get a picture of your family's diet, health & weight goals, and the barriers you as a family experience to provide your family with the best-tailored nutrition and fitness support. We will work together to set family-centered action plans and goals to be achieved during the programmes.

Step 3: Follow-up

Finally, we will have a follow-up to discuss any questions or concerns you might have and to create your unique action plan to keep your family on track. We will provide you with many guides and resources to support you achieve family's health goals.

Step 2: Family nutrition fun sessions

  Fun and interactive group-families sessions learning about nutrition, what healthy eating looks like for your family and simple steps to start building up those healthy eating habits will be provided over 6 weeks. Together we will explore ways to ensure your shopping basket is filled with healthy, delicious and budget-friendly foods. Don't be surprised if you find your children competing over our fun and motivational challenges for a healthy lifestyle.

Step 4: Community support

We proudly can say that we will work hard to provide you with a like-minded community that you can join and expect to have:

  • Fun

  • Accountability

  • Informed nutrition advice

  • On-going support

Book your free family nutrition call!

Are you curious if you are giving your family all the nutrients they need? Do you question what a balanced and healthy diet should look like for your family?
Are you looking for help to support your whole family to stick to eating healthy and living positively?

Are you keen on sharing your experience with other like-minded families who share the same goals? Are you looking for accountability and trying simple lifestyle changes that will make your whole family feel healthier and happier?

Take the first step now and book your free call for more clarity on how I can help.

Kind words from Nourished programme's clients

Image by Annie Spratt

“I really enjoyed the sessions because they helped me to see how much sugar we have to have a day, to scan foods and drinks in the shops and to make ourselves healthier soft drinks ”

A lovely child from my Nourished Family programme

Inspiring mini e-guides:

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