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Workplace Wellness

Corporate nutrition talks - Nutrition and wellness programme 


Are you looking to: 

  • ​​Empower your employees with evidence-based and practical nutrition and dietary advice.

  • Boost the productivity and energy levels of your employees.

  • Improve nutritional wellbeing and overall health of your employees

  • Improve your workplace's catering to enable your team to make healthier dietary choices.

I can provide:

  • In-person & virtual workplace nutrition talks or lifestyle-based programmes that are the best fit for your workplace environment, culture, and the challenges they face.​


  • Workplace 1:1 personalised nutrition and health assessments.​

  • A workplace catering review to help your company achieve the Healthy Living Award.

My Approach

Nourhan is an experienced registered associate nutritionist and public speaker who is incredibly passionate about working with employers to design and deliver in-person/virtual nutrition and lifestyle-based programmes. She has worked previously in the corporate and healthcare sectors and understands how to deliver interactive talks tailored to your organisation's demands.

In Nourtrition's corporate nutrition + wellness programmes, Nourhan combines science-backed nutrition with motivational and practical tools to offer handy and practical solutions so everyone can find the ongoing commitment to follow and lead a healthier lifestyle. 

We work with registered nutritionists, physiotherapists, and fitness coaches so you can tailor the programme to your organisation. 

Nourtrition Workplaces Wellness services

Wellness talks & events

Offer nutrition in-person/virtual talks as part of your wellness months or inspiring lunchtime events.

Informative + engaging talks with a wide range of nutrition and healthy lifestyle topics. Inspiring talks for all employees to lead healthier lives and more productive days at work.

The corporate 1:1 nutrition assessment programme

The perfect complement to lunchtime talks or wellness events. 


Offer 1:1 personalised nutrition assessment and consultations followed by a nutrition talk.


Health assessments:​

  • Body fat

  • Waist measurments

  • muscle mass

  • BMI

  • Blood pressures

Some of the organisations I have worked with:

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Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 16_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 16.47_edited.jpg
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